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April 11, 2014
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Rescued from Northern State Hospital Farm in 2010.

  Who are we?
White Noise Paranormal is a group of dedicated individuals working together by means of science to hypothesize the origin and cause of paranormal phenomena to create a scientific-theory that will help us to exclude or prove the existence of ghosts.
  White Noise Paranormal Web Series
Our web-series was created to help promote White Noise and the establishments we have had or will have the pleasure of conducting our research. Although our web-series is a byproduct of our actual work it serves a great purpose for the businesses and business owner(s) involved as exposure is gained via YouTube.
We have a new position open! Reviewing evidence is time consuming so we're adding new members for the position of " Web Analyst. " Your purpose on the team will be to review, find and catelog video, photo and audio evidence that we may have missed. This position does not require you to attend investigations since reviewing evidence can be accomplished from home. Contact us for more information.

Article: Seeking answers from beyond the grave
by Lauren Foote


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